Agnes Lindström Bolmgren (born 1989) grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. After graduating from Södra Latins theatre program she moved to Berlin, where she has appeared in various film and TV productions. After six years in Germany she moved back to Stockholm to study at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. For her final project she wrote and performed the tragicomic one-woman show ”Halv åtta i mig” (2017). 

Novemberfestivalen and Dalarna film festival rewarded her for her portrait as the prostitute Marie in the short film ”The Birthday Present”. Most recently her performance as Åsa Sjöman in the feature film “Cake General” (2018) has been praised by both critics and audiences in Sweden and international festivals.

During next year Agnes stars in one of Sweden’s biggest TV productions, “The Restaurant”. She has also written a comedy show that is going to premiere next year, with Agnes in the lead.